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by Rebekah Merck -
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Bexx Merck Ind. Study

Faculty: Larry Winship


1. Research current meadowlands projects, collect precedents, look into the history of Hampshire's parcels and land use. 

2. Focus on soil quality and which plants best serve each parcel. I will be working closely with Larry Winship to study plant species for this area (native/non-native, perennial/annual, invasive/noninvasive). 

3. Engaging the community and connecting with the board of trustees or any other shareholders in Hampshire College to start a dialogue about what it means to carry-out this project.

4. Create an infographic or impact study about how mowed grass compares to converting to meadowland. 

For April 15, I hope to have contributed a very sound proposal of plants, including information about soil content and quality. 


2/22/2013 -- My plan for this coming week is to figure out what I will be presenting at the Second Annual Student Sustainability Roundtable at Hampshire on April 9. It will probably mainly consist of why this project is needed at Hampshire, why mowed grass is not something we support, why meadowlands are a better option, how plants can completely transform an ecosystem, etc.