This forum is for all student activities fund (SAF) polls and student government elections.

(From the FundCom SAF Funding Guidelines)

Funding Requests Exceeding $8,000

For any funding request exceeding $8,000, signers must submit at the time of the request, a list of signatures from students/on-line votes in support of this portion of SAF fund being used.

The criteria for a petition to FundCom for more than $8,000:

  • Signatures must be collected via a login-required Hampshire survey.
  • The petition must be posted in the Daily Digest at least 3 times.
  • The totaled amount of money being requested must be clearly stated in the petition along with a financial breakdown of expenses making it clear to students how much money is being requested.
  • Voting cannot be done in a public space so as not to pressure students to vote in a way they do not want to. Groups can advertise for voting, but should not pressure students to vote on the spot. If voting is to occur the student must have privacy to vote in a non-pressuring way.
  • The form must have a negative response option, and each negative response will cancel out a positive response.
  • 1 net positive signature will be required per $50 over $8,000.
  • Signers may not increase the size of a request as a result of getting more signatures.

If a request exceeds $12,000, a public forum must be held, advertised at least 1 month in advance via an all community announcement, and everyday in the digest preceding the forum. Note: Holding a public forum does not replace the signature requirement in any way, and is simply mandatory outreach.

This does not apply to the semesterly obligations of the SAF listed under Permanent Funding, or any other transfer or purchase that is part of a recurring FundCom expense mentioned in written policy.

FundCom may waive this requirement in part or in whole for identity groups who ask to be exempted.